Try out the polls on WhatsApp, it’s pretty cool πŸ˜€. - Compeat International

Try out the polls on WhatsApp, it’s pretty cool πŸ˜€.

WhatsApp has introduced polls in chats for Android and iOS users. The polls option is not yet available for WhatsApp Web. Individual and group chats can create polls with up to 12 options. In addition, if you type in the same option twice, WhatsApp will warn you. Participants in a group or chat can tap on the poll answers and select their preferred choice. In addition, there is an option to view the votes at the bottom of the poll, and WhatsApp displays the number of votes cast next to a response. Given how much people rely on WhatsApp groups, the new polls feature will likely appeal to many administrators. It may make it easier to reach group consensus on some difficult issues, such as scheduling a meeting.

β€’ Facebook Groups has a new feature – “introduction prompts”. These prompts are shown to new group members to encourage them to post. Admins can select from suggested prompts or create their own custom prompts, which can then be adjusted in group settings. Once enabled by the admin, new members can use the introduction prompts to post.
TikTok has launched Audience Insights globally within TikTok Ads Manager. Explore TikTok user interests, behaviours, and demographics to maximise advertising results and find new ways to scale with Audience Insights. In addition, you can discover aggregate audience information using simple filter settings before creating a campaign. And to bring your audience persona to life, supplement your audience planning workflow with quantitative and qualitative data.

Instagram now allows users to add music to photos in their Instagram Feed, giving creators more tools to bring their content to life and express themselves. Music is a big part of how people express themselves on Instagram, and now you can add a soundtrack to your favourite photo moments to bring them to life, regardless of which format works best for telling your story. This feature is currently being rolled out.

In a field experiment conducted for Discover Vitality, researchers discovered that when customers follow a company’s social media page, in this case, their Facebook page, and regularly come across its content, they use the company’s products more frequently. These are the steps the researchers took and the results:

o First, customers were invited to like the Facebook page.
o They paid to boost posts and targeted them to people who liked the page after experimenting with organic content only, which had no effect.
o During a two-month period, customers who liked the page earned 8% more points via the Vitality programme.
o What makes it work? Existing customers who are kept up to date on company news are more likely to use the company’s products and services. Furthermore, boosting posts allows content to reach a much larger audience than organic posts alone.

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