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Learn How Brands Use Humor To Promote Engagement


• According to research by Duke University, brands that use clever and witty humor on social media have increased brand attitude and engagement. Your jokes must be clever and, ideally, relevant to your audience’s interests, your product, or competitors’ products. It shows that your brand is smart enough to make these amusing mental connections and approachable, which positively influences attitudes and sales. https://tips.ariyh.com/p/clever-humor-boost?s=r

• For your Stories link stickers, Instagram currently offers four different default designs for Instagram stories. Try these tricks to customise the look and text of your Stories links. Add a link sticker to your Story as usual. Then, use the text feature to cover it with your personalized call to action. Users can tap to access the link hidden behind your text box. You can do the same by designing custom stickers with your brand’s colours, fonts, etc. and save it to your phone. Insert it as an image on your Story over the Instagram link sticker.

• A recent study shows an increasing number of TikTok accounts belong to users aged 60 and older with millions of followers. These TikTok creators frequently use their accounts to defy ageist stereotypes, racking up a massive number of views and even decent earnings in the process. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/may/18/older-people-using-tiktok-to-defy-ageist-stereotypes-research-finds

• YouTube has introduced a feature that will help users identify the most popular parts of a video they’re watching. They’re adding a graph that people can use to easily locate and watch the most replayed parts of a video, which is especially useful for longer videos or those that haven’t broken down their various sections using timestamps or video chapters.

• Meta has introduced recurring notifications on their Messenger platform to enable businesses to send automated messages to people who have opted in to receiving them, once their purchases are complete. Companies can now provide important updates, driving re-engagement and keeping the conversation going, right in the thread.

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