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January Trends

• Twitter has rolled out View Count, which indicates the number of times a tweet’s been seen. This may serve as evidence that more people read content than publically engage with it.
• LinkedIn is adding more functionality to creator analytics to offer deeper audience insight.
• TikTok is testing horizontal full-screen mode, further inching into YouTube’s territory. This follows TikTok’s move to support long-form content. However, the platform popularised the vertical video scrolling format, and some users may not be thrilled about the new development.

2023 trend prediction: Customer service via social media

According to Mediatoolkit, Hootsuite, and Convince & Convert, more businesses will incorporate a customer service component into their social media strategies in 2023. This entails using social media as a direct line of communication with customers to respond to questions, complaints, and requests as quickly as possible. It can also include responding proactively to customers who mention your brand.

Why social media management should include a customer service component:

• It makes your customers’ lives easier. Because most of your customers are already on social media, simply providing support through these platforms is an excellent way to improve your customer service.
• Some social media platforms offer readily available functionalities to help you manage customer service and improve response times. Facebook, for example, provides features like a shared inbox, automated responses, and chatbots.
• It helps to expand your brand. Public responses demonstrate brands’ accountability, which fosters trust and transparency. Ignoring customer inquiries on social media can be detrimental to your brand.
You can already incorporate customer service into your social media strategy by taking the following steps:
• Your social media managers should be educated on your customer service procedures.
• Allow visitors to submit questions and complaints through your social media DMs easily.
• Provide public customer service. When done correctly, this is excellent for public relations.

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