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August Trends

• Instagram has announced that business accounts can now boost their reels, turn them into ads, reach more customers, and increase engagement. Boosted reels can appear in stories, feed, reels, and explore page. Reels must be less than 60 seconds and be a full vertical 9:16 aspect ratio. However, if it contains copyrighted music, GIFs, interactive stickers, and camera effects and is shared to Facebook, the reel will not be eligible for boosting.

• Twitter now allows you to leave a conversation with “unmentioning”. It will enable you to leave a thread and prevent others from tagging you in that conversation. Your handle will appear as text instead of a link to your profile. This is part of Twitter’s steps against abuse and harassment. The feature is available under the drop-down menu as “leave this conversation”.

• LinkedIn is rolling out carousels to share a series of swipeable videos and photos on your profile. This feature is still being rolled out and allows people to share more personal content.

• TikTok introduced translations for captions, video descriptions, and text stickers. Supported languages include English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Turkish.

• Facebook has updated its home feed format to look more like Tiktok. In addition, the new Feeds tab allows users to view content from pages, groups, and friends in chronological order.

• YouTube tips shared by the platform’s top US earner include: focus on short-form video, connect to your community with live video, optimise your content for the big screen, update your video’s thumbnails, and prioritise your audience and storytelling.

• Using alt text with your images can improve accessibility and increase reach.

How do you add alt text to images for social media?

• When you upload an image to Twitter, you will be given the option to “Add a description.” However, as part of its broader efforts to improve platform accessibility, it is now testing a pop-up reminder.

• Facebook: The alt text option can be found under the three dots or “Edit” options that appear when you upload an image.

• Instagram: The alt text field is a little more hidden on Instagram; you’ll find it on the final screen before sharing your photo under “Advanced settings.”

• LinkedIn: When you upload an image, you have the option to add alt text, which is located right next to the “Edit” and “Tag” buttons.

Learn How Brands Use Humor To Promote Engagement

• According to research by Duke University, brands that use clever and witty humor on social media have increased brand attitude and engagement. Your jokes must be clever and, ideally, relevant to your audience’s interests, your product, or competitors’ products. It shows that your brand is smart enough to make these amusing mental connections and approachable, which positively influences attitudes and sales.

• For your Stories link stickers, Instagram currently offers four different default designs for Instagram stories. Try these tricks to customise the look and text of your Stories links. Add a link sticker to your Story as usual. Then, use the text feature to cover it with your personalized call to action. Users can tap to access the link hidden behind your text box. You can do the same by designing custom stickers with your brand’s colours, fonts, etc. and save it to your phone. Insert it as an image on your Story over the Instagram link sticker.

• A recent study shows an increasing number of TikTok accounts belong to users aged 60 and older with millions of followers. These TikTok creators frequently use their accounts to defy ageist stereotypes, racking up a massive number of views and even decent earnings in the process.

• YouTube has introduced a feature that will help users identify the most popular parts of a video they’re watching. They’re adding a graph that people can use to easily locate and watch the most replayed parts of a video, which is especially useful for longer videos or those that haven’t broken down their various sections using timestamps or video chapters.

• Meta has introduced recurring notifications on their Messenger platform to enable businesses to send automated messages to people who have opted in to receiving them, once their purchases are complete. Companies can now provide important updates, driving re-engagement and keeping the conversation going, right in the thread.

Want to know the best and worst days to post on social media?

• Twitter has announced that it is working on an edit option (finally!) and the functionality will allow users to check what changes were made to ensure transparency. Victims of autocorrect, rejoice!

• LinkedIn now allows users to showcase a link on their personal profile. However, this feature can only be managed on desktop. You can display up to three URLs on your profile’s introduction section.

• BeReal is a trending photo sharing app designed to let users share an unfiltered, authentic glimpse of their lives with their friends. You have two minutes every day to upload an unedited photo. The app was launched in France in 2019, and 65% of its lifetime downloads have been in 2022.

• Social media use has increased in every generation, making it a vital marketing tool. Catch them where they’re active! Boomers and Gen X are mostly active on YouTube and Facebook while Millennials and Gen Z prefer TikTok and Instagram.

• Want to know the best and worst days to post on social media? SprouttSocial released an updated report based on data from their thousands of customers.

o Best days
 Meta (Facebook): Tuesday to Friday
 Instagram and Twitter: Tuesday and Wednesday
 LinkedIn: Wednesday and Thursday

o Worst days
 Meta (Facebook): Saturday
 Instagram and Twitter: Sunday
 LinkedIn: Saturday and Sunday

Learn More About Present & Future Features For Social Media!

• TikTok is beginning to allow users to upload videos up to 10 minutes in length. The existing limit is three minutes. The platform launched with a 15-second limit, which it increased to 60 seconds. In July 2021 TikTok extended this limit further, to three minutes. Following months of testing, they confirmed that the new change is an effort to bring value to their community in new ways to enrich the TikTok experience. The expanded video length should give creators greater time and flexibility to film demos, tutorials, and more.

• Instagram is rolling out the ability for all users (not just approved creators) to tag products and brands with a direct link in their feeds post. This is part of the platform’s continued focus to expand its eCommerce listings. The roll-out will start in the US. Users can now tag the products they’ve bought from their favourite small businesses so their friends and followers can explore these brands. It is set to offer a great boost from brands for free while building Instagram’s eCommerce focus. Brands will be notified when someone tags a product and can view all tagged content on their profile.

• Instagram feed videos will have auto-generated captions as a default for creators to make the platform more accessible for hearing-impaired users. Viewers will be able to turn captions off or on. To start, captions will be available in 17 languages, with more planned.

• Twitter now allows users to pin the “Latest Tweets” timeline to their “Home” tab for easy access. Mobile users can tap on the icon in the top right-hand corner to pin or unpin the “Latest” timeline to their “Home” tab. The platform said they are always looking to give users more flexibility and control over what they see in their timeline.

• Instagram introduces “Favourites” and “Following” as ways for users to catch up on recent posts from a list of their favourite users or the people they follow in chronological order. This allows users to quickly catch up on recent posts. The feed options are available on both iOS and Android globally, but not on the web version of Instagram. Users now have three options for viewing their Instagram feed. The main feed is the algorithmic Home feed, the chronological feed shows the latest post of everyone a user follows, and the new favourites feed can be customised by the user selecting which accounts they want to add to this list. You can have up to 50 accounts set as favourites.

• Twitter announces keyword search functionality for DMs to ensure users can easily track down past conversations for people, products, and links shared. The option allows users to filter queries into four segments: all (all results including key term and usernames), people (relevant usernames based on the search term), groups (group chats that use the search term), and messages (any keyword matches in specific DMs).

• Meta announced new voice message features for WhatsApp, including listening to messages outside of the chat, pausing and resuming recording, and draft preview. Out-of-chat playback allows users to listen to the message while they multitask, read, or respond to other messages. Pause/resume recording allows the user to pause a recording if they’re interrupted or need to gather their thoughts before resuming the voice note. Draft preview enables users to listen to the voice note before sending it.