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Facebook Has Changed How We Do Things

Facebook Has Changed How We Do Things

Facebook has revolutionised the way in which we do business. Gathering useful information about the performance of your business, as well as that of your competitors, is no longer the tedious hassle that it used to be. Now, with a few simple clicks of a button, all this information can be at your fingertips. Not only putting you in a better position in terms of your own business insights, but it will also position you well with information regarding your competitors.

What are the Benefits of a Facebook Competitive Analysis Tool?

Many tools are available to assist with your Facebook marketing but CompEat has the Facebook Competitive Analytics Tool for you. Contact their offices today to find out more about the specifications of their product and how to sign up.

With a Facebook competitive analysis tool, the information is typically gathered in real-time and will give you key comparative insights into aspects like posts, reach, engagement, and your audience’s behaviour as well as post-performance insights.

Detailed insights about the effective performance of your social media campaigns can be gathered and compared to the performance and activity of your competitor. These tools are widely used and make it easy to be able to see how effectively your posts are being engaged with and their reach.

It allows you to be able to track your performance and manage how to strike a comfortable balance in terms of how much to post to achieve your goals. The information gathered about your posts will be gathered daily and delivered to you in a statistical report for you to see the changes.

These daily posts will assist you in becoming well-known among your audience, giving you the edge of being consistent in your reach, authoritative and relevant.

With the insights gathered, you will be able to create content that is helpful, interesting, and entertaining, making you more relevant and eye-catching to your audience.

The tool also assists in identifying the aspects of your posts that prompt your audience to take action. You aim to have as many comments, shares, likes, and reactions as possible from your audience. Increases in your engagement equate to people having seen your posts and content, and you will want to be at the forefront of their minds.

Further, understanding your engagement rate will allow you to determine just how meaningfully your audience has interacted with your posts and content, and how interested they are, in relation to the ratio of followers that you have.

The tool also allows you to be able to determine the number of shares that you have had per post. Shares are vital in that they assist you in becoming known, and increase your reach beyond just that of your direct audience, but also to potential audience members, who very well may have an interest in your content. The best people to market your business in this way are your audience, so it is important to consider relevant content that even your audience’s connections may find interesting.

There is also valuable information to be gathered about the very audience who likes, comments, and shares your posts. You’ll be able to determine exactly which posts they are interacting more with, just who they are, what they like and are interested in, as well as how they behave.

These facebook tools will greatly assist you in gathering all the information that you need to then optimise your posts and campaigns to put you in the best, most authoritative, position in relation to your competitors.

Competitive Analysis Tools used for Facebook will save you greatly in time. This information typically will come in the form of a detailed report and can be requested with ease from the comfort of your computer. With all this information at your fingertips, without having to do your own research to find out these useful insights, it is a saving in time that will allow you to spend more time optimising your campaigns, content, and posts.

CompEat is the developers of a Facebook Competitive Analytics Tool of their own. Tailored to your needs, they have the product that is right for you. Their friendly consultants are on standby and will assist with any questions that you may have. Contact CompEat today for more information and to sign up


Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a platform that has one of the widest reaches of all social media platforms. It has opened up a whole new dimension to how we market and do business. Not only does it have a wide reach, but it also allows us to create tools that will simplify your marketing approach.

Marketing on Facebook brings a whole new dimension to the reach that you will have with prospective clients.

Facebook marketing improves your visibility among prospective clients and assists in directing them toward your website where they can buy your goods or services.

Because Facebook can be actively implemented in ways that support the reach of your business, it is a more active process of advertising than other social media streams.

Cookies and tracking on Facebook also allow you to perform remarketing where you can again market to users who have already interacted with you, making you all the more visible.

The manager aspect of Facebook is also able to provide you with a variety of insights about the performance of your marketing campaigns so that you can make the necessary adjustments and improve your approach.

Facebook understands the importance and impact that it can have on business and has developed its own tools to assist with this. One such tool is the pay-per-click advertising option which allows you to create advertisements that link back to your business in a variety of ways. With Facebook, you are also able to design and display advertising that meets your specific marketing goals. Facebook provides you with many options in this regard so that your marketing campaign can be a tailored experience for your prospective customers.

Facebook also provides you with one of the largest audiences available for the advertising and marketing of your products or services. Traditional methods of advertising still abound in these dimensions as users will typically discuss insights and information found on Facebook with other users. Your reach can be exponential with the help of Facebook.

CompEat has developed a Facebook Competitive Analysis Tool that can help you skyrocket your exposure. Contact CompEat today to speak to one of their friendly consultants.

How a Facebook Competitive Analysis Tool Can Help You

There is a great time-saving component with a Facebook Competitive Analysis Tool where you can let the tool do the data collection for you. No longer do you need to expend the time needed to do the same research, but rather with the click of a button, within minutes, a succinct and detailed report can be generated. With this, all the information that you need is at your fingertips.

It assists in capitalising on the content that you produce in that it collects data about your audience in a way that will show you what your audience is most interested in. With this knowledge, you will be able to tailor your content so that it can get more traffic. You will then better be able to cater to your audience’s likes and preferences, in terms of the kind of content that they would like to see.

Seeing your audience’s activity further allows you to have your customer’s perspective in mind. What is their behaviour so that you can position yourself as relevant and interesting?

The information that you gain from a Facebook analytical tool will allow you to not only prospect for new customers, but being familiar with your existing customers will make sure that you are bringing to their attention information that is relevant to them as well. Existing customers or audience members are as important as the new ones in that they have the power to interact with you, to share, comment, and like your posts, allowing your business to have a greater reach.

Having detailed information about the likes and dislikes of your audience also helps you plan for future posts and marketing campaigns. The behaviour of your audience will assist you in knowing when interest is high, and will guide you on how to modify your posts or marketing campaign accordingly.

A Facebook analytical tool will also assist you in keeping up with the interests of your audience. Being able to follow the preferences of your audience, you will easily be able to know when and how to adjust your content or marketing campaign to suit their needs.

Having all this information in one place in the format of detailed reports helps you to better visualise your marketing strategy, and what adjustments to make.

CompEat has the Facebook Competitive Analysis Tool that you are looking for. If you want to maximise your Facebook marketing campaign, contact one of our friendly consultants today to find out more information.



What is CompEat?

CompEat is a Facebook Competitive analysis tool and Facebook Analytics Tool that provides real-time, data-driven insights about crucial aspects of your and your competitor’s Facebook pages like post performance, engagement, and audiences. CompEat also offers full Facebook Analytics to all of your paid ads on Facebook.

Who can benefit from using CompEat?

CompEat helps businesses make the most of their Facebook marketing campaigns by comparing their Facebook campaigns and posts to those of their competitors and our in-depth Facebook Analytics insights allows businesses to improve on marketing campaigns by carefully analysis paid ad stats. If you’re a marketer with several clients, this Facebook competitor tool will streamline your reporting and provide additional resources to optimise your clients’ campaigns. Similarly, agencies can benefit from CompEat’s scalable solutions to get a competitive edge in their industry and for their clients.

What are the pros of CompEat?

CompEat offers benefits to every user.

For businesses

Learn about your competitors’ marketing performance in minutes with affordable, scalable packages that ensure you only pay for the services you require. This helps you achieve your marketing objectives even if you’re not a social media expert. As a result, you can handle your own marketing and maintain a reasonable budget. In addition, you stay one step ahead of your competitors with easy-to-access, real-time insights into their marketing performance.

For marketers

With detailed competitive analysis and Facebook Analytics, you can add more value to your clients and create marketing strategies based on real-time, accurate information. CompEat also allows you to determine who your clients should advertise to and what they expect from your content. Again, you benefit from scalable packages tailored to your campaigns’ needs and capacity. In addition, you can manage costs by conducting fully detailed competitive analyses in minutes without hiring researchers.

For agencies

Perform individualised Facebook competitive analyses for each of your clients to improve your social media marketing strategy with insights into your competitors’ actions. With the Facebook Analytics Tool you receive a full fledged reporting for every client. Since CompEat can be scaled on your needs and number of clients, you can manage the costs. In addition, the complete real-time competitive analyses allow you to immediately action changes on client accounts and fine-tune each industry’s social marketing, audiences, and strategies with CompEat insights.

How much does CompEat cost?

CompEat offers three different packages based on your needs.

What are the differences between the pricing plans?

The Starter Pack allows you to add up to four competitors. Top Up ensures you can add up to nine competitors. The Enterprise option can be customised for companies that need to compare more than ten competitors and offer unlimited monthly scheduled reports.

What does CompEat Facebook competitive analysis entail?

CompEat streamlines the process of producing comprehensive, detailed, and data-driven competitive analyses that compare your Facebook pages to those of your competitors in minutes. This report compares your pages, posts, audiences, engagements, reach, and other factors.

What does CompEat analytical reporting provide?

CompEat’s analytical reporting takes your Facebook reporting to the next level by identifying where you can improve Facebook ad campaigns and how to optimise your campaign budgets.



Agencies and marketers have gotten used to the constant changes in the digital marketing landscape. The recent Facebook announcement that they will be retiring the Facebook Analytics function as of June 30 2021 is just another example of this.

This particular example means that businesses will need to juggle various paid tools to continue measuring and reporting on the performance of Facebook campaigns, using the Facebook Business suite, Ads Manager, and Events Manager simultaneously.

This presents several challenges. Adapting to new systems, moving between tools, and extending the time, cost, and effort involved in generating meaningful performance reports.

This opens several avenues for avoidable mistakes to be made, will raise the cost of marketing on Facebook, and may even limit the value and detail of insights given.

This has led many marketers to look for third-party tools to fill the gap, but these are generally honed on a single function, such as reporting on specific insights, and come at a cost, particularly when used in conjunction with other paid tools.

CompEat International, a powerful and flexible Facebook competitor analytics tool, simplifies the process, collates numerous key reporting functions, and lowers the overall cost of gathering metrics, in several ways.

Let’s explore them in further detail:


CompEat International is a powerful Facebook marketing measurement tool that primarily functions to provide seamless, inexpensive, and detailed competitive analyses of Facebook business pages. To do this, the tool collates a wealth of insights that can be gleaned from your Facebook pages, and that of your competitors’, in minutes.

This information is related to the performance of Facebook campaigns, the reach that posts are achieving, who makes up target audiences, how they are engaging with posts, and a lot more.

This turnkey Facebook competitor analysis tool will then generate a detailed report of real-time data that stacks your performance up against your competitors.


In order to perform this function, CompEat International works as a powerful analytics and reporting tool, which is great news for those who have been reliant on the soon-to-be-retired Facebook Analytics tool.

It combines the exceptional functionality of several key tools used to develop[ metrics for social campaign performance into a single, easy-to-read, detailed report that covers all aspects of the business page’s performance.

As a tool for simple analytics and reporting, few others provide the wealth of useable insights that CompEat does.

As such, marketers often have to use multiple tools, all with somewhat limited functionality and associated costs, at once, to achieve the same ends.

This naturally gets overly complicated, and drives the cost of social media management up significantly, even for the simplest of reports.

One key function to CompEat International, is that it does the same thing as a combination of all these tools, provides comparatively more useful data, and collates the cost of doing it all through one tool, and one tool only.

Furthermore, the tool generates the reports in minutes.

Instead of manually putting the insights together, checking their accuracy and tailoring reports to their clients, marketers can get everything they need for reports and measurements in moments, and at the click of a button.

Your agency knows that time is money, and our tool ensures that you make significant savings on both.


CompEat International shines through in its primary operation, which is to create a simple and cost-effective way for Facebook campaign managers to conduct competitor analyses that tell them everything they need to know to make competitive adjustments to their campaigns, in mere moments.

Normally, competitive analyses take an extreme amount of time, money, and personnel to be conducted properly, which is unfortunately out of reach for a lot of marketing agencies or businesses managing their own marketing.

But a competitive analysis gives any brand a significant advantage, allowing them to model their marketing approach in a way that outshines the competition, by improving on what they are doing.

So, by having a powerful Facebook competitive analysis tool in your utility belt, you can reap the benefits of detailed analyses that come in much less time, with the involvement of far fewer personnel, and naturally, at less of an expense to your business.

What CompEat does is stack your Facebook business page up against your competitors’ so that you can draw a direct comparison between your campaigns and theirs. The tool provides detailed, comparative metrics about posts, their frequency, engagement, and reach, who is being marketed to, and how these variables add up to an overall, successful Facebook marketing campaign.

This information is presented intuitively, so that it can be used by marketers to make meaningful adjustments to their campaigns, in less time and with a more detailed roadmap.

What better way is there for your business to get ahead of the curve?


If you would like to know more about how CompEat International can enhance your social media campaigns while saving your business time and money, be sure visit our website for additional information.




The social sphere of marketing, particularly Facebook and social platforms, can be highly competitive, which means that sometimes extra care needs to be taken to get your campaign to gain traction and start getting the engagements you need.

We understand how disheartening this can be, but with a few minor adjustments, you can transform your Facebook campaigns into a powerful approach to marketing that offers incredible return on investment.

But there are a few key ideas you need to be comfortable with first.

CompEat is here to discuss some of those with you, and give you a better understanding of how to elevate your social campaigns…


With carefully crafted and highly targeted Like Generation Campaigns on Facebook you can significantly boost the number of audience members who follow your page.

This is widely beneficial, since increasing your target audience you will essentially be reaching more people. Be selective however and be sure to target those audience members who are most likely to add value to your business with meaningful interactions.

You can do this by targeting your audience on Facebook according to ideal demographics such as location, household income, etc.


While e-commerce websites are steadily on the rise, many of these site owners are neglecting the power of linking their Facebook campaigns with the offers on their online stores.

Sharmaine Crismann, lead marketer for CompEat recommends the following:

“If you have an online shop, be sure to enable Facebook Shopping. This directs users to purchase your products from your website after seeing your ads and products on Facebook and essentially helps to create a streamlined sales funnel as part of your marketing efforts and creates a more enjoyable shopping experience for your online visitors. Creating an audience who are interested in your products is a starting point, then you need to understand your audience. Understanding their requirements, requests and how they engage with your products, posts and comments. You need an audience around your store ”


For any social campaign to gain traction and a bigger audience, you need to ensure that you find the perfect balance where the frequency of posts is concerned.

You don’t want your page to seem inactive or outdated, and most marketers will insist on posting two to three times a week at a minimum but recommend daily posts where possible.

Regular posting also helps your users better understand the products and services you are promoting. More importantly for marketing purpose, however, is that by including links to your website in each and every post, you will be effectively driving more users to your website or online store.


How many people browse the offers on your website or online store, or even add goods to their cart, and move on without making any purchases or enquiries? Any website owner knows just how common this is.

There is a way to keep nudging those visitors to complete their transactions, however, and Facebook, in particular, plays a huge role with retargeting through dynamic ads.

Dynamic ads essentially track user behaviour on your website, and then prompts them to action by displaying semi-personalised ads on their social feeds.

In short, you can set up dynamic ads on Facebook that will appear on their social feeds, reminding them of those offers on your site that they showed interest in.

Retargeting can lift ad engagement rates up to 400%. This has proven a highly effective form of marketing, with many brands.


Hashtags are a powerful tool for getting your posts served to the correct audience, but surprisingly few brands understand how to make the best use of them, or even understand how they work in marketing.

Another snippet of information from CompEat lead marketer, Sharmaine, explains it perfectly:

“Correctly tagging your post to what is relevant in the content and graphic along with adding hashtags to your posts is not only best practice but will direct users to your profile while searching for certain topics and themes as they browse through social media. People creating searches on Facebook will be served the posts that are most relevant to them getting your posts in front of interested eyes and increasing engagement. Surprisingly, only a few businesses understand how to make the best use of them or even understand how they work in marketing.
Relevant hashtags will allow a larger audience to find, interact and engage with your product or brand and make it an interesting, shareable topic of conversation.”


Developing and executing strong social media marketing campaigns is best done with a bit of a road map, and one of the best ways to do this is to have a look at what your competitors are doing on social media. This way you can make meaningful adjustments to get ahead of them with relative ease.

But doing a competitive analysis takes an enormous amount of time, can be very costly, and often requires entire teams of experts to get it done right.

Fortunately, we live in the digital age, where a great idea can turn into reality.

A brainchild of Jeff Ellis – Founder of CompEat said: “if the data is available, there is a way to generate a report”, alongside developers and a dream team, there is now a powerful tool that can do this job in mere minutes to give you a detailed overview of everything your competitors are doing on their Facebook Business Page, what they are posting, what their engagements are and benchmark insights.

CompEat is a newly developed tool that generates a page report vs your competitors. It is simple to use, offers cost-effective pricing, and provides a wealth of information about Facebook pages that compare your competitors’ efforts to yours.

You’ll get insights about post frequency, engagements and shares. Which posts are popular and what graphic has been used. There are industry benchmarks too.

The only way to fully understand the power of this product is to test it out, a 14-day free trial is opened up for you to test with. You can test your business vs one competitor or simply just compare two businesses.

The other option is to compare yourself against two competitors or again simply just three comparative business pages.

Start CompEat-ing Today.

Have a look at our available packages to subscribe today.